The J-K Crew is alive and awake and ready to rock for day number two of The 2012 Insane One Event!  The sun is out and the track is getting faster and darker as practice is now over for the first part of today’s events.  Stay tuned for results from features, then later today will be qualifying for part two of the show (including qualifying for the $20,000 class!) and some consis and features as well. 

CLONE SUPER HEAVY:  Mike Dickerson leads flag to flag with Joe Gregory close behind him the whole race!  Sean Lynd, Gary Vogel, Matt Watson, Josh Haire, SK McManus, Bryan VonCannon, Ed Kiskaden, and Lil Crash are your top ten!

MEDIUM: Shay Chavous takes the money, followed by Jamie Knopf! Daniel Armstrong and Mike Dickerson in third and fourth. Brandon McGee, Donnie Nall, Bryan VonCannon, Nick Higdon, Kevin Weldon, and Andy Keller are your top ten in the Medium class feature!

BLUE: Tristin Pitt takes the Blue class victory, followed by Tyson Kaiser, Ethan Spotts, Hutch Fry, James Beasley, Frankie Lara, and Hunter Campbell are your field.

PRO CLONE 375: After a fierce battle for the top spot on the last lap, Brandon Young takes the win! Donnie Nall takes second, with Shay Chavous in third! Kevin Weldon, Nick Herriven, Jamie Knopf, Nick Higdon, Hunter Curtis, Paul White, and Johnathan Wheeler are your top ten finishers in the Pro Clone 350 class!

SUPER HEAVY: Dickerson leads the entire race with Joe Gregory close behind. Gregory makes a move going into turn three on the final lap to take the lead and the checkered flag! Jerdy Vaughn squeezes by Dickerson who had to take the high-line around three and four, with Dickerson ending up taking third place at the line! Josh Haire, Tinker Byers, Joe Miller, Shawn Flint, SK McManus, Joshua Gray, and Alan Garner round out the top ten for the flathead Super Heavy class.

JR NON: Brayden Smith puts a hurtin’ on the rest of the pack and takes the checkered flag! Trey Porter, Chase Keller, Zach
Stacy, Justin Clark, Nathan Starr, Nate Chappell, Connor Meade, Brennon Bobst, and Samantha Beasley are your top ten finishers for the Junior Non-Restricted class!

RWYB: It was the battle of the Lamb’s as Troy and Zac Lamb duked it out for the top spot with Zac Lamb emerging the victor over Troy Lamb! Jed Emert, Brad Hayden, Brian Hayden, and Michael Soblett are your finishing order for the Run What You Brung class.

That wraps up part one of day number two of The 2012 Insane One events! Stay tuned for results from qualifying later on today.

The second part of today’s events are underway with hot laps set to finish shortly. After hot laps will be qualifying for all of the remaining classes for The 2012 Insane One event including the $20,000 to win Clone Heavy class! Stay tuned for qualifying results!

CLONE HEAVY: Shay Chavous sits on the pole with a 11.869 and Jamie Knopf in the second spot! Still more to qualify! Paul White of Premier Autosport Limited is currently sitting 3rd! Jake Shelley currently in 4th!

Dickerson claims the third fastest time, knocking Paul White into the 4th spot! Zach Humphries takes 6th quick time, knocking Jonathan Cash to 7th.

Jon Keister on his Slack Axiom takes the third spot now, knocking Dickerson to fourth fastest!

Your final (pending tech) results for the Clone Heavy $20,000-to-win class are as follows:

1. Shay Chavous 11.869
2. Tony Gaylord 11.962
3. Jamie Knopf 11.967
4. Jonathon Keister 11.971
5. Mike Dickerson 11.986
6. Paul White 11.998
7. Jake Shelley 12.007
8. Zach Humphries 12.012
9. Jonathan Cash 12.024
10. Brent Compton 12.025
11. Hunter Curtis 12.033
12. Nick Higdon 12.042
13. JL Furrow 12.044
14. Brandon McGee 12.052
15. Daniel Armstrong 12.054
16. Jason Dunn 12.086
17. Phillip Cardin 12.118
18. Jackie Simpson 12.125
19. Josh Evans 12.130
20. Nick Herriven 12.133
21. Jerry Mullis 12.137
22. Lance Yeager 12.145
23. Alex Richards 12.150
24. Kevin Root 12.160
25. Joey Compton 12.160
26. Philip Schneider 12.169
27. Kevin Weldon 12.180
28. Will Shields 12.188
29. Chris Buchanan 12.191
30. Lucas Mitchell 12.197
31. Andy Keller 12.198
32. Lucas Chaudoin 12.207
33. Donnie Nall 12.209
34. Jerdy Vaughn 12.210
35. Andrew Hillard 12.211
36. Kristopher Mills 12.213
37. Chase Walls 12.217
38. Bryan VonCannon 12.219
39. Brandon Young 12.222
40. Mica Collins 12.227
41. Josh Haire 12.237
42. Mike Halliburton 12.265
43. Connor Cleveland 12.276
44. Mike Jessie 12.279
45. Cooper Allen 12.284
46. Logan Keller 12.288
47. Matt Watson 12.288
48. Tinker Byers 12.291
49. Tyler Krebs 12.307
50. Nick Nelson 12.307
51. Jayson Chaffin 12.312
52. Justin Smith 12.336
53. Johnathan Wheeler 12.337
54. Brandon Miller 12.337
55. Joe Miller 12.343
56. Joe Gregory 12.368
57. Dan Reeves 12.370
58. Mike Nuchols 12.406
59. Derrick Woodbury 12.409
60. Alan Garner 12.410
61. Michael Schwietering 12.413
62. Jed Emert 12.420
63. Jeremy Grubbs 12.422
64. Matthew Newcome 12.435
65. Joey Terry 12.437
66. Sean Lynd 12.546
67. Shawn Campbell 12.581
68. Brian Pennington 12.590
69. Caleb Correing 12.631
70. Jason Eigenrauch 12.937
71. Nick Scott 12.995
72. Paul Crafton 13.820

Chavous and Gaylord are locked in for the feature tomorrow, everyone else will be battling it out to transfer into the Clone Heavy feature through heat races and consis!

JR 1 CLONE: Hunter Gossun 13.134, Denton Duncan 14.055, James Bixley, Tyler Wojciechowski

LIGHT: Jamie Knopf 11.897, Nick Scott 12.123, Donnie Nall 12.186, JL Furrow, Kevin Weldon, Adam Kozak, Brian Bourne, Connor Cleveland, Danial Burkhart, Hannah Campbell…

CLONE LIGHT: Jamie Knopf 11.791, Matt Newcome 11.831, Nick Scott 11.834, Jackie Simpson, Justin Clark, Donnie Nall, Jonathon Keister, Brandon McGee, Johnathan Cash, Caleb Cornelius, Colby Horner, Michael Schwietering… all others will have to transfer from consi races.

PRO CLONE: JL Furrow 11.974, Donnie Nall 12.039, Shay Chavous 12.055, Daniel Armstrong, Tony Gaylord, Nick Herriven, Jerry Mullis, Jackie Simpson, Alan Garner, Johnathan Cash…

HEAVY: Jamie Knopf 12.063, Kevin Weldon 12.148, Mike Dickerson 12.150, Nick Higdon, Daniel Armstrong, Brian Pennington, Shay Chavous, Nick Scott, Jason Dunn, Brandon McGee…

GOLD: Justin Clark 12.248, Tyson Kaiser 12.301, Colby Horner, Samantha Beasley, Josh Spicer, Chase Keller, Connor Walls, Brayden Smith, Connor Meade, Hutch Fry…

CLONE MEDIUM: Jackie Simpson sets the pole for Clone Medium with a fast lap of 11.660!!! Jason Dunn in second with a 11.685, followed by Disco Donnie Nall with a 11.687 in third! The remainder on the top twelve who are locked in for the feature are Nick Scott, Matthew Newcome, Jamie Knopf, Daniel Armstrong, Philip Schneider, Johnathan Cash, Brandon McGee, Mike Halliburton, and Mike Dickerson. The rest of the 53 entries in the Clone Medium class will have to battle through consi races to transfer into the feature event.

All of time-trial qualifying is over for the event. Stay tuned tonight for consi and feature events starting soon!

CLONE LIGHT CONSI 1: Jerry Mullis, Nick Higdon, Chase Walls, Kevin Weldon, Justin Doyle and Flip Cardin will transfer to the Clone Light feature.

CLONE LIGHT CONSI 2: JL Furrow, Jason Dunn, Paul White, Austin McGlone, Cooper Allen, and Nate Chappell will transfer to the Clone Light feature.

CLONE MEDIUM CONSI 1: Jon Keister, Andrew Hillard, Will Shields, and Nick Nelson will transfer to the Clone Medium feature.

CLONE MEDIUM CONSI 2: Jerry Mullis, John Wheeler, Jake Shelley, and Andy Keller will transfer to the Clone Medium feature.

CLONE MEDIUM CONSI 3: Nick Higdon, Hunter Curtis, Brent Compton, and Kevin Root will transfer to the Clone Medium feature.

PURPLE FEATURE: James Bixley takes the win followed by Denton Duncan, Tyler Wojciechowski, and Hunter Gossun

CLONE MEDIUM FEATURE: Nick Scott finishes out in front! Daniel Armstrong, Jon Keister, Jamie Knopf, Donnie Nall, Jerry Mullis, Philip Schneider, Hunter Curtis, Matt Newcome, and Jackie Simpson are your top ten!

FLATHEAD HEAVY FEATURE: Disco Donnie Nall takes the money!!! JL Furrow, Jamie Knopf, Daniel Armstrong, Kevin Weldon, Mike Dickerson, Brandon McGee, Jason Dunn, Nick Higdon, and Andy Keller are your top ten!

That wraps up day number two of The 2012 Insane One events! We’ll see everyone bright and early in the morning for the big day including the $20,000-to-win Clone Heavy class!